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IOSH Approved Coaching for safety

Knutsford, 13th + 14th September 2017
Aberdeen, 12th + 13th December 2017

Communication is a key component of IOSH Blueprint, the new competency framework for OSH professionals. With references to questioning skills, active listening techniques, body language, collaboration and the importance of effective relationships, a casual observer might think that Coaching for safety was written in response to IOSH Blueprint – it wasn’t.

Over several years, IOSH Approved Coaching for safety has been gradually maturing and steadily developing  an excellent reputation as a must-attend training programme that is like no other.

Designed to provide vitally important skills to complement the knowledge OSH Practitioners acquire through NEBOSH and other similar courses, Coaching for safety helps practitioners be more collaborative. Collaboration is essential to improving OSH culture, leading to better solutions to problems, better management buy-in and better engagement all round. We believe it’s the nearest thing to a silver bullet there is.

How are your communication skills? How collaborative are the members of your team? IOSH Approved Coaching for safety is unlike any other course – don’t miss out.

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Course Name:
Coaching For Safety

Course Duration:
2 days

Course Provider:
Securus Health And Safety

Course Location:
Knutsford: 13th September 2017
Aberdeen: 12th December 2017

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OSPR Member Price: £510.00

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