Why We Do It

Founded in 2015 by Paul Millar, OSPR is a growing community  of offshore professionals with a focus on safety, working together towards the advancement of credibility within our industry. OSPR exists to create opportunities for all Safety Professionals in our industry.  

Historically, energy employers have found the HSE profession particularly difficult to navigate when searching for competent HSE professionals for short or long term positions.

To tackle this issue, we developed a dedicated eligibility criteria system. Our eligibility criteria are unique to OSPR Members. All our members receive a Level status (ranging from 1-5) based on documented evidence, such as qualifications (NEBOSH Certificate/Diploma & HSE NVQ 5), and experience.

Our eligibility criteria are highly regarded in the industry. Our organisation strives to reinforce credibility for professionals and we achieve this by following stringent guidelines and accreditation policies. 

At OSPR, we aim to strengthen our members position by creating a platform which offers the recognition and opportunities our offshore professionals need.

“Being able to reach out to people in the OSPR Community to discuss changes or simply ask a question is invaluable. There are so many benefits to their membership. A real community of like-minded folk willing to help each other out.” – Paul Turnbull (Offshore Client Representative / Project Manager)

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