Streamlining Our Trade

The need to increase efficiency and quality in every aspect of the industry to stimulate investment and increase the overall safety of the workforce is continually highlighted. As our industry faces fresh challenges relating to oversupply, many of our health and safety professionals are at risk of losing touch with the ever changing landscape of the offshore energy industry.

Our members are the heartbeat of a responsible and accountable approach to the provision of health and safety professionals working in the Oil and Energy industry.

The OSPR strives to continually develop its members by offering the most up to date and safety critical training courses specific to the role of a Health and Safety professional in the Oil and Energy industry to ensure our trade stays credible, trustworthy and competent.

Our membership criteria are designed to assist employers and recruiters determine the suitability of a candidate for employment and to identify areas in which our members skills and knowledge can be improved.

With a detailed overview of our members experience upon application, we can identify certain courses and events to suit the specific member and approach our trusted training providers to negotiate reduced rate offshore health and safety training courses that will benefit the member and ensure they are continually developing.

Our influence within the industry, upheld by our primary objective:“To Improve the Health, Safety and Welfare of The Entire Offshore Workforce” also allows us to give our members the opportunity to develop professionally. Our training providers are keen to show support and commitment to the development of the profession and work with us to evolve our discipline.

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