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Paul Millar – OSPR

OSPR was founded in 2015 to support HSE Professionals in the Energy Industry. Having worked across different sectors of the industry, from Drilling to Subsea Construction, the realisation that little or no support existed for HSE professionals inspired the creation of OSPR.

Paul is now managing OSPR as a full-time role as membership levels increase and is delighted that the concept has struck a chord with his fellow professionals.

“I wasn’t sure if other professionals felt the same or not. Now we have a fully functioning community and competence assessment carried out by our Managing Member.  HSE professionals can use the standard to benchmark progress and develop their careers with the benefits we provide”.

OSPR isn’t just for experienced offshore HSE professionals. We are set up to assist professionals at all levels whether you are looking to start a new career or have 30+ years experience. We are here to guide, assist and provide opportunities”.

Stuart Wallace – HSE Advisor, Maersk

“This is long over due. I envisage OSPR becoming the leading representative group for offshore safety professionals; I’m ready to promote our membership to the offshore industry, to set new standards, create initiatives and opportunities to the members and encourage continual development as well as the creation of an open environment for member discussions”.

A North Sea and internationally experienced Offshore and shipyard HSE professional, Stuart  brings over 7 years of offshore HSE experience to OSPR having previously worked on drilling Jack-ups and Drillships. Stuart is a well recognised Offshore HSE presence and possesses the drive to continually improve himself and his colleagues to achieve higher standards every day. Stuarts passion lies in helping his colleagues adapt and overcome any challenges faced while operating offshore and delivering a reliable front line HSE service on behalf of the shore based management team.

Jeff Jefferson

Jeff is a highly experienced health and safety professional with 20 year’s experience in the on/offshore oil and gas and renewable sectors.

Having started in the construction sites that built offshore platforms before moving on to offshore drilling, decommissioning and eventually ending up in the ever evolving renewable energy sector, Jeff is well rounded HSE specialist who has over the last ten years supported in the execution on almost all of the world’s largest offshore windfarms.

Having worked at various levels in health and safety, from advisor, engineer and manager Jeff brings a knowledge of the differing levels required to progress a career in health and safety.

Currently working on the East Anglia One project in the UK he is soon off to the Netherlands to join Vattenfall where he will undertake the roll as a HSE specialist on the Hollandse Kust Zuid project, the HKZ project being the first subsidy free project in the world of offshore wind.

Jeff is excited to join the managing member team at OSPR and hopes his experiences over the last 20 years can in some way help and nurture the next group of passionate health and safety professionals in whatever industry they choose offshore.

Gordon Foot – MA MSc FNI

Gordon Foot is a consultant Client Representative on major oil & gas, offshore wind farms and environmental projects and has been employed at sea for over 35 years.

He is currently engaged with Formosa 2 OWF Taiwan conducting survey, UXO and construction tasks. Gordon is a retired Weapons Engineering Manager of the UK Royal Navy having served a 19 year career in nuclear submarines on special operations.

His academic background includes an MA in Maritime Security, MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management and an MSc in Professional Practice in Maritime Client Representation. He is also a Fellow of the IIRSM and Fellow and chartered member of IMarEST. He is an ISPS qualified CSO and SSO including anti-piracy training and a retired Naval air dive supervisor and now sports PADI Divemaster.

Gordon has worked across multiple disciplines in relation to HSSEQ including military ordnance, nuclear (both weapons and propulsion), diving, offshore wind and offshore oil and gas operations.

“I enjoy informal mentoring and assisting those who wish to further their careers and aspirations and OSPR membership helps us to focus on these aims of helping each other out”.

Gary Paterson – HSE Advisor, NnG Offshore Wind

I frequently get asked how I got into Health and Safety, especially from friends who know my background.

 I’ve been involved in Sports all my life. From owning a Gym and running a boxing club, to competing in Brazillian Jui Jitsu just over five years ago on the International stage in Rome.  I recently promoted international athletes on MMA shows, stars such as Artem Lobov and many other names.

 The reason I explain all this is because it is important to my philosophy in coaching, advising and mentoring in the offshore industry in Health and Safety and Risk Perception and how we approach each new challenge.

I remember back to the time when I had an interview for going Offshore and the Country Manager looked at my CV and said “You’re applying for roustabout but I see you are qualified in mechanical draughting and animation would you not prefer to go down the route of trainee project engineer?” I declined, I was happy to start at the bottom of the tree as a Roustabout. I gained the respect of the team doing this and I quickly moved up within a few years to Permit Control and Safety.

Unfortunately we were on the Elgin Franklin at the time of the Gas Leak and were on home leave for Twenty-Five weeks until we regained control of the situation.

 A good friend called me one day and offered me a new challenge as RSTC. I took them up on the offer and that was the start of an exciting new career from RSTC to Performance Coach and the last four years to Client HSE Rep.

Working in the UK and Internationally means that every day is different. In particular, the Ivory Coast was a great experience. At night after shift, I taught the locals padwork in the gym and during the day built their trust by passing on great safety knowledge. Getting through the day incident free was always the goal. When you’re working away the people offshore become your extended family.

One thing I always share at work, is to start the day with a positive attitude. No matter how bad things are, look out for your work colleagues and set yourself up for success. Always practice a little respect, when you approach health and safety in this manner you will love the job you do as much as I do.

When OSPR asked if I would join the team, it was an instant yes!

It has been great to see them grow over the last few years and the benefits for members have been amazing.

Paul Turnbull  – Offshore Client Representative / Project Manager

In a singleton or dual role, whichever combination that may be, OCR / OPM / HSE you need to appreciate and understand the fine interpersonal balance required when interacting with often an established vessel or project site executive team. Knowing when to be firm, when to be diplomatic, how to assist in the creation of an efficient motivated project team, and doing this without ever undermining others, or taking over their responsibilities, is one of my strongest attributes. My extensive experience completing projects worldwide enables me to understand and, adapt as required, to the culture differences in the operational area and plan for the security and logistical complexities that will be experienced.

Throughout my working life and particularly in the offshore Industry, experience has taught me:

• The importance of continuously assessing the situation and thorough contingency planning are key to a timely completion date.

• That by supporting as well as motivating both the team and the individual you will achieve more buy in from them, than if you are dictatorial and obstructive.

• A thorough understanding of each other’s roles and promoting real time cooperation, at all levels, leads to increase levels of efficiency and reduces vessel and equipment downtime. 

These are I believe the vital components that lead to the successful completion of any project and are the foundations of my Project Management style.

Marie-Lousie Chandler  – Director of Quality, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, NATS

Marie-Louise Chandler is the Director of Quality, Health, Safety and Wellbeing for NATS, who are the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services are. Each year they handle 2.4 million flights and 250 million passengers in UK airspace. In addition to providing services to 14 UK airports, and managing all upper airspace in the UK, they provide services around the world spanning Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.  Marie has the oversight of the 2 operational centres, the corporate technology centre, airports, remote radar sites, international contracts.

Before working for NATS, Marie worked in the Wind Industry for 10 years and was responsible for the Quality, Health and Safety (Site Execution) in the construction and installation of wind farm sites across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Marie completed an MSc in Workplace health and wellbeing in 2019 and is a champion for promoting wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.

“I am looking forward to joining OSPR as a managing member and hope to bring my experience in not only Health and Safety, but Wellbeing, Mental Health and Safety Leadership to anyone who is looking to further their career. I will also bring the perspective of being a female senior leader, working in predominantly male dominated industries, and be able to share the experiences, challenges and opportunities with OSPR members”

Claire Forbes – Managing Director, Response Consultants UK Limited

Claire Forbes is an emergency response and crisis management specialist in the oil and gas, renewables and marine industries.  She first became involved in emergency response in 1999 while studying at university, by taking part-time work as a role-player in exercises organised by Response Consultants.  Claire graduated with a MA in Entrepreneurship from Aberdeen University in 2004 and joined Response Consultants as a full-time Consultant the same year.  She was made a director of the company in 2008 and ultimately Managing Director in 2015.  Claire also graduated from Robert Gordon University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Laws LLB.

Claire is involved in all aspects of Response Consultants business, including developing offshore and onshore emergency procedures, presenting crisis management training, emergency, media and relatives response training courses and exercises, both in the UK and overseas.  Claire is also part of the Response Consultants ‘on-call’ team and has attended many actual incidents working in emergency response rooms, dealing with calls from concerned relatives and meeting evacuees at the heliport and reception centres.

“I am honoured to be asked to be a Managing Member for OSPR as they have such a strong focus on safety, which is imperative in my job.  The Register’s ability to provide credibility to its member’s experience, knowledge and qualifications is a real benefit to both members and potential employers, and I look forward to assisting our membership.”

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