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We represent 100’s of professionals from all backgrounds within the energy industry. Our membership is here to support you and your organisation with access to a range of benefits. 

OSPR membership will strengthen your profile as a recognised safety minded professional. 

As an individual, our competency framework helps you demonstrate commitment to health, safety and wellbeing. With 7 OSPR levelswe are dedicated to helping you at all stages of your professional journey. 

Is your organisations visibly committed to improving health, safety and wellbeing in the energy industryGet in touch today to find out about corporate membership


£140 + VAT per year
  • OSPR’s Assessment ProcessLevel 1,2,3,4,5
  • Jobs / Vacancies
  • Free Courses
  • Access to Discounted Courses
  • Industry Credibility
  • Events and Networking Opportunities


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